The ''Red Dragon'' basket muzzle

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Basket Muzzle Sizes

  Muzzle circumference in cm Muzzle circumference in inches
L 30.5 cm up to 12 inch
XL 35.5 cm up to 14 inch
XXL 40.6 cm up to 16 inch
Item description

Bestia Custom Dog Gear
proudly presents:

Bestia Red Dragon basket muzzle.
This basket muzzle is designed to provide most important - easy breathing for your dog. At the same time our basket muzzle looks and fits perfectly..
The eye-catching ''Red Dragon'' muzzle is a piece of art, combining the thick black base layer leather with the python leather. 
All muzzles have a soft nose pad, so you can be sure that your dog won`t hurt his nose while wearing.
Available sizes:

Size L - for dog breeds like Female Pitbulls, game pits, Bullterriers, Staffordshire Bullterrier, etc.

Size XL - for dog breeds like Male Pitbulls, Bullies, Amstaff, Labrador, German Shepherd, etc.

Size XXL -  for giant breeds, like cane corso, Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux, Neapolitanian Mastiffs, etc.

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